What is Gitano?

Think gitosis, gitolite, gitorious, github etc, only with a strong focus on being configured entirely via git. See about for more of that.

Where can I get Gitano?

Gitano version 1.0 is now released and packaged in Debian for the Stretch release. You can also get the tarballs directly from the CGit download v1.0 tarball

What is Gitano.org.uk

Gitano.org.uk is an instance of Gitano which is semi-public. If you are interested in beta-testing the latest in Gitano features, or if you simply need a test bed for playing with what Gitano can offer you, then contact Daniel Silverstone and he will see what he can do to get you started.

You can access any public repository at the Gitano CGit instance, and you can use the git server protocol urls provided therein.

Hosting a project on gitano.org.uk does not mandate public access. You can use the service to prototype rules-based access for any project you wish.

How do I guide development?

See the Trello link on the sidebar.

What does Gitano depend on

Gitano depends on Lua 5.1, Git, Luxio and Lace.

What are you thinking about?

Lots of ideas :-)