What is Clod?

Clod is a simple dotted configuration language where configuration files contain key/value pairs. Each key is entered into a dotted heirarchy such that the application using Clod can query groups of elements, iterate pairs, etc.

An example Clod configuration file

project.name "Clod"
project.description "Configuration language Organised (by) Dots"
project.head "refs/heads/master"

commit.maillist "clod-commits@gitano.org.uk"
commit.devlist "clod-dev@gitano.org.uk"

Note that blank lines are permitted, but otherwise there is no supported comment syntax. Since Clod files are interpreted as Lua files by the current Clod implementation, you can make comments of the form -- this is a comment however this is not guaranteed and cannot be maintained by the library if you use Clod's ability to rewrite configuration files.

Where can I see things to do with Clod?

Clod's development is tracked on Trello and can be viewed on the CGit. See the sidebar for links.

Have there been any releases?

See the tags in the git repository for Clod.